The Absolute Rules

1) Most Ladies have the capacity to be a Bitch – however there is a skill, art and creativity to being an ‘Absolute Bitch’……..

2) I am a Fem Domme. That means that although I delight in many forms of financial Domination I do not wish to play with anyone who cannot respect their existing comitments to another Female (or children!)

3) BEFORE contacting Me think about what you REALLY want and what you can REALLY offer Me

4) Don’t expect Me to enter into long email or phone conversations without you proving you are genuine – a small gift donation is always a good way to do that (see rule 6)

5) When contating Me directly please provide Me with the following basic information:

  • your name
  • the type of games/servitude/tribute giving you are interested in
  • the level of tribute/budget
  • details of any past experience

6) Before you contact Me: If you are SERIOUS about serving Me financially then PROVE it by buying Me an Amazon Voucher and email it to: