Clothes, Shoes & Boots

I am VERY particular about My clothing and My shoes. DO NOT buy Me any item without My express agreement that its something I want….something you THINK I might like or something you want to see Me wearing is likely to end up wasting your money and time!

LATEX – I have most of My latex custom made – you can see some of My outfits HERE – If you wish to contribute to My next piece please email Me and I will let you know what My next piece will be and how you can contribute.

LEATHER – I love leather by Jitrois – Contact Me if you would like Me to choose an item from the latest collection but please indicate your budget. N.B. Leather items from Jitrois start at aprox £1000+

CORSETS – I also love corsets from Puimond. If you would like to purchase Me a new corset please buy the ‘Underbust’ style as seen HERE in a 24″ waist – I am currently wanting this corset in OXBLOOD LEATHER

SHOES & BOOTS – I am very choosy about My shoes and boots. I like to try them on before having them. If you would like to take Me shopping for shoes or boots please email Me. If you live abroad and would like to buy Me some shoes or boots please email Me with a budget and I will send you some online links  and an address to send them to – when they arrive I will email you some pictures of me wearing them.

Ready to treat Me? email Me